Thursday, 17 April 2014

5 Ways to Make Fajitas Healthier

Whenever the word fajitas are mentioned in our house, Tom gets really over excited. I have to say, I am on a similar wave length. I used to eat fajitas a least once a week at uni, and we still do eat them regularly, however I've changed the way I make them to ensure they're still a healthy option. Here are 5 easy ways you can increase the nutritional profile of your fajitas, whist maintaining lots of flavour.

  • Tortillas
Using corn tortillas instead of the flour ones can cut calories, plus they're smaller so you're less likely to stuff them full. Alternatively, cut the tortilla altogether and have a fajita salad or enjoy your filling on top of a sweet potato. 
  • Bulk it Out 
Adding black beans, kidney beans, or sweetcorn (if using tinned ensure it's not sweetened or salted) can bulk out the meat whilst adding extra protein, fibre or veg. Plus it stretches the meat a little further. Add in extra fresh veggies, such as peppers whilst cooking, then fresh tomatoes, lettuce and avocado when building your fajita to increase the nutrients.
  • Make your own toppings
By making your own guacamole, salsa and refried beans you know exactly what has gone in to them with no added sugar or salt. Plus Tomato salsa is a great way of using up slightly sad tomatoes, and guacamole can be made to use over-ripe avocados.  
  • Flavour
Fresh herbs and chilies, and dried herbs and spices add huge amounts of flavour with few calories. 
  • Simple Swaps
Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and parmesan instead of cheddar to reduce the amount of cheese without losing the flavour. Swapping the meat  (I usually use chicken or lean minced beef) for an alternative product, like Quorn can cut fat and calories 

Disclaimer- I am a Quorn ambassador, however this is not a sponsored post.  

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Marathon Memorabilia

For many, the medal awarded at the end of a marathon is enough. They’ll either hang it somewhere with pride, or tuck it away for safekeeping, to be remembered at a future date (or not). For many others, however, collecting additional marathon memorabilia is almost as important as the race itself. Having items to remind themselves of their achievements, and to notify others that they have RUN A MARATHON!

I think I sit in the middle of these camps. When I finished the London marathon, my first 26.2, in 2012, my Mum presented me with a cute bracelet engraved with the words ‘So proud of you’, the date (although she forgot to get London Marathon etched in, and the bracelet is currently being amended). Since then, after NYCM and Paris she has given me similar bracelets with meaningful inscriptions. ‘So inspired by your determination and drive.’ ‘So worth it.’ I love wearing these as a daily reminder that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it. You can get similar bracelets to mine from Posh Betty

I love the idea of jewellery memorabilia, which is especially easy for the big city marathons, such as London, New York and Paris where jewellers already make a selection of souvenir accessories. This EiffelTower charm would make a great addition to my Links necklace!  

At the NYC and Paris marathon expos I also picked up some race ‘stash’. New York in particularly ha an incredible array of marathon merchandise, from headbands and waterbottles to Nike tops and trainers. I admit to going a little overboard in NYCM, but was far more restrained in Paris, purchasing a single marathon t-shirt.

Additionally, the Paris marathon are offering a special Asics t-shirt complete with printed bib and your official finishing time. I think this is a lovely idea for those that want them, and not one I've seen at other races but am sure they exist. 

Some of my running friends have come up with some incredible marathon souvenirs including tattoos of the Eiffel Tower to commemorate their first marathon.  This photo is of Lissy’s brand new tattoo, and I think a few of the other girls are following suit in a few days/weeks time.

Leah found this specialised hook for her hard fought medal.

Artwork depicting the city that they ran it- I love these abstract prints! (another of Leah’s awesome finds!) 

I have to admit, I am planning on getting my marathon bibs framed to hang in our bathroom or bedroom. I thought Tom would hate this, but he actually wants to get his first half marathon bib framed as well. I figure it's more incentive for him to sign up to a full marathon too! I know that there are quite a few companies out there, such as frameyourrace,  that will frame your bib and medal together, however I think that could turn pricey. I love my medal holder with the mishmash of 5ks, halfs and fulls crammed together.

What marathon or race memorabilia have you seen/bought/lusted after? Here’s a great blog post of other ideas of what to do with your race bibs and medals.
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