Wednesday, 23 July 2014


The last two or so weeks feel like they’ve been a bit of a rollercoaster, with awesome and awful things happening. I have felt completely powerless and unsure how to deal with some incidences, whilst others have been in my control to change.  

I’m not really comfortable sharing exactly what’s happened, but I will say this, when tragic things occur, it really puts things into perspective and makes you re-evaluate your priorities.

Family and Friends 
The most important things in life should be, and hopefully always will be friends and family. Regardless of what’s going on around me, they stand by me, support my decisions (even when they’re the wrong ones) and generally have my back.  Recently I feel like other aspects of my life have been taking time away from spending time with Tom, my family and friends, and I want to re-address the balance.

This quote really resonated with me- health has become much more of a priority to me over the past few years. This encompasses eating well, exercising, looking after my body and mind. In the future, whilst I won't need to run as far as I am currently training for the Berlin Marathon, I want to ensure that exercise features heavily in my weekly schedule. I’d love to spend a bit more time introducing others to exercise and fitness. Taking the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks is also a priority for me, and eating well helps me look and feel better too.

Although money can’t buy you happiness, it can really help. I enjoy the challenges of my job at the moment, and am lucky to work in an area that I love. Going forward I want to ensure that I continue to do what I love and love what I do (and it would help if it paid the bills!!).

My grandfather has an awesome motto ‘memories not money’. I want to experience the world, create memories with friends, explore my city and other cities around the world. I want to discover new landscapes, take on new challenges, share laughs, make friends, spend time with old friends.

However, something I heard this weekend at Blog Academy was ‘if it’s not a F**k yeah, it should be a hell no’ really resonated. I tend to say yes to too many things, when actually I should say no a little more often. I always try to fit so much in, that sometimes I don't make the most of the things I'm doing. Saying no to a few more things will make room to fully enjoy the things I say yes to!   

Anyway, sorry for all the quotes (I LOVE QUOTES) and for a bit of a heavy hitting post this Wednesday.

I’d love to hear- what are your priorities? 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fancy a Game of Tennis?

Tennis is a very sociable game. It seems that a lot of people play, and to a fairly good level. When I was at school my Mum encouraged me to have lessons, saying that I would appreciate it in the future. I was lucky enough to have some great teachers, but I am just not very good at tennis. In fact, for the number of lessons I've had over the years, I am pretty rubbish.

Tom on the other hand is rather good.

One of my problems is that I try to hit the ball as hard as I can- which inevitably sends it soaring out. Way out (so far out that it went of the hotel compound and into the road whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka).

Another problem I have is that I don't move my feet enough, and either hit the ball too close to my body or too far away.

Oh my serve isn't pretty.

We took advantage of the lovely warm evenings and played for about an hour at Tom's gym. I tried to focus on moving my feet, setting myself up and hitting the shot over the net and in, rather than trying to hit it hard. Luckily Tom was patient with me, and fed me lots of balls to help me practise.

We also played a fun game where we had to hit the ball to one another keeping it in the service boxes. Tom won, obviously- but it was a far more fun and fair game than any others we could play together.

Perfect cross training for Berlin Marathon training, and to flush out the lactic acid from Sunday's long run! I bought the Wimbledon 2013 tennis balls last year when we saw Andy Murray play in the Quarter Finals. I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first time I've ever opened the tube of balls, let alone used them!

Do you play tennis? What's your favourite cross training sport to play? 

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